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Things to Consider Before Adopting a Cockatiel

One of the most well-known species of pet parrots is the cockatiel. Cockatiels make wonderful pets for many reasons, including their beauty, friendliness, love of singing, playfulness, and relatively long lifespans. These adorable birds, which are originally from Australia, are now a very popular pet bird all over the world.

But are they the ideal pet for you?

Although cockatiels are wonderful pets in general, everyone has different preferences and life situations. In addition, it happens frequently for people to believe they get along with birds when, in reality, they wouldn’t get along at all. Contrarily, many people who would be excellent bird owners mistakenly believe they won’t enjoy having a bird around or that they won’t be able to provide for its needs.

Let’s go through the essential details regarding the cockatiel that you should be aware of before making a decision:

1. A friendly bird

People often have social and entertaining ideas in their heads when they think of parrots. Actually, that isn’t the case because many parrots are rather asocial. The Cockatiel, on the other hand, is an affectionate bird.

In order to be content and mentally well, the cockatiel actually depends heavily on its environment. This is not the best pet for you if you work away from home and want to leave your bird alone in a cage for 8 to 12 hours every day.

The additional consideration of whether you ought to purchase a second parrot is brought on by the cockatiel’s social behavior. Our advice is unequivocally yes. You should be cautious about the type of bird you get since, for instance, a small Cockatiel could be in danger from a parrot that is too big or violent. Combining a male and a female can also result in some obvious problems.

However, in addition to your regular proximity to the bird, you should surely provide your cockatiel with some company. Just make sure your cage is big enough to house two birds.

2. Enjoys playing

In addition to being gregarious, cockatiels are also playful. They enjoy exploring their surroundings, not just their cages, and they adore the majority of parrot toys. A Cockatiel requires a variety of toys and new items to play with every other week; this bird won’t be content with just a few sturdy toys. A good video about the top Cockatiel toys is available here.

3. Wonderful with kids

The Cockatiel is a wonderful pet for children because of its sociable and playful attitude. Such a parrot can be a wonderful companion for your child, especially if they enjoy spending time at home and are a little introverted.

However, how young is too young for a Cockatiel? Such a bird isn’t safe for children, is it?

Small parrots like the cockatiel are often advised for households with children who are all at least 6 years old. However, this is more because the child could injure the parrot than the other way around. The Cockatiel will just be too unsafe for a child who hasn’t been taught how to care for such a small bird or who is too young to understand.

But as soon as the youngster is old enough to understand how to take care of the parrot, the two can be lifelong best friends.

4. Economical bird

The fact that cockatiels are a reasonably priced bird is another reason to adore them. Of course, just as with most other pets, the main cost accumulates over time and includes the food, toys, and veterinary care. Cockatiels are not as expensive as many other parrots and pet birds, which is a problem as well, but initial cost is.

In general, the price of this bird ranges from $70 to $300. Everything depends on where you plan to purchase the bird and the type of mutation you choose. For instance, the price of a Gray Cockatiel is reasonable, but it may increase if you want a certain mutation.

5. Enjoys singing but is mute

Although they can pick up a few words, cockatiels are typically not the talking kind of parrots. But they have excellent singing voices. They consider singing to you to be the same as speaking. They also enjoy singing a lot.

You should be prepared for some noise, on the one hand, because of this. However, owning birds is one of the nicest things there is to do.

6. Cage

Whether you have one or two birds will determine the size of the cockatiel’s cage. For two birds, the standard standards are 20″ x 20″ x 24″, however I’d advise at least 30″ or a so-called “flying cage.” Naturally, cockatiels cannot fly in such a cage, but it is plenty for them to live comfortably for the majority of the time. In a moment, we’ll discuss their flight.

A good Cockatiel cage should be large enough for the bird, have a good bottom tray for cleaning, at least two cups of water, two cups of food, and multiple resting and sleeping areas. For the Cockatiels to jump around and play, it should also have enough platforms and handles.

7. Prepare yourself for a mess

Despite their breathtaking beauty, cockatiels can surely cause a mess. That is why we stressed how crucial it is for your parrot’s cage to have a useful tray underneath it.

8. Fly time

You cannot confine cockatiels to a cage nonstop. Every day, they require at least a few hours of “flight time,” playtime, and interaction with other people outside the cage. They will be able to practically spread their wings because of this, and it’s also crucial for their mental health.

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