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How To Stop Rabbits Fighting (Males And Females)

Reasons Rabbits Fight

There are numerous causes for rabbit conflict. However, they typically fall into one of two categories: disputes involving friends or outsiders.

Fighting Rabbits Not Bonded

You can’t put two pet rabbits in the same hutch or enclosure that have never met and expect them to get along. If you already have a rabbit as a pet, it can be even more difficult.

Think about returning home to discover a stranger there! How would you respond?

The ways that rabbits negotiate their relationships and choose who will be the boss bunny include biting, chasing, and mounting. This conduct may contribute to bonding. Additionally, it might make your bunnies get along better in the future.

But you need to take the right precautions if you want to reduce the likelihood of actual combat.

It takes time to bond and introduce your bunnies. Your rabbits will require both their own area and a neutral zone where they can retreat when they’ve had enough of each other, until they get connected. It can take more time than you anticipate or want. But it’s a crucial step in the direction of enduring unity.

Friends Fighting

Fighting rabbits using bonds? It occurs. Some of the causes are listed below.

When mature, unaltered, male or female rabbits can have a territorial attitude. A rabbit’s ill health or discomfort could cause them to snap. Alternatively, a strong rabbit can wish to take control of a suddenly weaker one. Adding additional bunnies to an established family can alter the balance of power. Stress and power balance disturbances can result when moving to a different enclosure.

Two rabbits cannot fit in your bunnies’ enclosure at once.

Resources, such as food and water, are insufficient.

Additionally, the gender differences in the conflicts between your rabbits may exist. Compared to female rabbits, male rabbits fight one another for different causes. Additionally, male and female rabbits may mix up for completely different causes. Later, more on that.

How Can You Tell If They Are Fighting?

Fighting can involve biting, pursuing, and mounting. They may, however, also be playful behaviors. How therefore can you distinguish between a genuine brawl and typical behavior in rabbits?

Although they may appear similar at first glance, fighting and playing rabbits have distinct differences.

  • Rabbits’ Game Play
  • Although they may appear to be fighting, these behaviors may not be.
  • Lunging, then pulling back
  • Nipping
  • colliding noses
  • Hump backing or passive mounting
  • Following (submissive rabbits typically follows dominating rabbits)
  • Fighting and playful behavior do sometimes overlap. If in doubt, look for pursuit and intention.

How a Fight Appearance

It’s hard to err if your pet rabbits are actually fighting. True fights start out abruptly. It’s also vicious. Search for:

  • assaults on the head and face
  • serious bites that shred the fur or damage the flesh
  • aggressive mounting that never stops
  • Rabbits deliberately pursuing one another, especially in a circle


A battle may require you to reintroduce your bunnies and restart the bonding process, regardless of whether they are already bonded or just beginning.

What should I do if my rabbits fight and hurt one other?

Prior to anything else, be sure to quickly separate the hurt rabbit. Additionally, you need to guard against both rabbits suffering new wounds. Take the injured rabbit to the vet as soon as you can if the wound is severe or cannot be treated at home. And if your bunnies hurt each other gravely enough, you might have to put an end to it. This is due to the possibility that having the bunnies reestablish their link at this moment is impossible.

When pairing rabbits of different ages, exercise extra caution. This is due to the fact that baby rabbits are quite weak and are readily hurt by an older bunny. Different sized rabbits may experience the same issue. This is why, if you are keeping a larger breed of rabbit with a smaller one, you should keep an eye out for any signs of fighting.

Can my rabbits battle it out till the end?

Many rabbit owners are unaware that their pets may engage in lethal combat with one another. This occurs a lot more frequently in male rabbits who have not undergone neutering. Watch your bunnies closely, especially if you spot any signs of fighting. Separate the rabbits as soon as you notice early signs of fighting, so you can take action to stop them from fighting to the death.

Do Female Rabbits Fight Each Other?

Female rabbits may fight occasionally, however male rabbits seem to do so more frequently. Female rabbits may not fight as a result of spaying. If it doesn’t, though, you might want to think about some additional causes of their conflict. You might need to separate your rabbits if you just introduced them. Prior to attempting to keep your rabbits in the same cage, take advantage of this chance to have them properly rebound. If you do this, your female rabbits might cease fighting.

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