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Do Rabbits Like To Be Petted, Cuddled And To Be Held?

Rabbits make wonderful pets and frequently like cuddling, especially if they were given these opportunities when they were young and handled carefully. But when it comes to physical intimacy, they have certain unique needs. A rabbit cannot simply be approached, plucked off the ground, and cuddled.

Bear in mind that as they are predatory animals, rabbits are by nature wary and cautious. Since birth, their instincts have warned them against being picked up or held. That action might be frightful to a rabbit that isn’t used to being held.

That makes holding baby rabbits challenging. They frequently struggle and even experience fear. Although you are certain that you would never hurt your rabbit, he might not immediately comprehend this.

Fear not! There are several ways to train your timid bunny to appreciate cuddling.

Do all breeds of rabbits enjoy cuddling?

No, however, it’s not related to the type of rabbit. Since they are all prey animals, rabbits are wary when they are young. Additionally, no rabbit immediately like being picked up. Almost all of it has to do with a person’s unique temperament and personality, with very little to do with breed. No of the breed, you can teach a nervous bunny to relax and appreciate your affection.

However, in my experience, it is simpler to teach larger breeds to cuddle. I’ve learned the same thing from other rabbit owners, veterinarians, and animal experts. It is thought that a rabbit’s dread of humans decreases with size. After all, we are much bigger than rabbits.

Smaller rabbits can certainly be made to like cuddling, though. With the smaller breeds, you might just need to adjust your strategy and exercise a little more patience.

The Best Way To Pet A Rabbit

The most effective technique to snuggle your rabbit is to follow his or her preferences. Although it seems straightforward, many new rabbit owners get it completely wrong. They rush into snuggling the rabbit before it’s ready since they are so happy to finally have a pet bunny. This frequently results in bites, scratches, and a great deal of stress for both Bun-Bun and you.

There are proper and improper ways to pet a rabbit. Continue reading, and I’ll explain what you should do and shouldn’t do.

Begin slowly

Even if a rabbit is accustomed to you, you shouldn’t approach it quickly. Your bunny will be startled by the movement and go on high alert for any threat. You have nothing to do with it; it’s all about their instincts.

Approach the cage of your rabbit deliberately and slowly. Make certain your bunny notices your approach. Call their name softly to wake them up if they are sleeping when you enter the room.

Pet initial

First, stroke your rabbit. Even though she is accustomed to your touch, resist the want to pick her up right soon. Always start by giving your rabbit a gentle touch on the side or back. Since rabbits have a blind area at the front, you shouldn’t approach from there. She’ll be startled by you, and any hope of a peaceful snuggle session will be lost.

Slowly extend your hand from the side or above. Your bunny can see above her, yes. If you’re interested in learning more about rabbit eyesight, I also blogged about it.

If she likes, give her light stroking or scratching. You can go to the following step if she is at ease and appears to be enjoying the attention.

Lay Your Lap Down

The majority of rabbits dislike being lifted. Being propelled unexpectedly into the air is terrifying. Being pulled up seems to a rabbit like a predator carrying them away. Again, it was instinct, so don’t feel horrible. Simply alter your approach so that your rabbit understands you won’t harm them.

Offer your lap instead of lifting your rabbit. If you merely say their name, a lot of rabbits will gladly jump onto your lap. You can also try giving snacks to some people as they sit on your lap.

Start cuddling your rabbit as soon as it is in your lap!

It’s normal if your rabbit balks at sitting in your lap the first few times. She simply needs to develop her faith in you. It requires tolerance and gentleness.

Is It Possible To Tell If A Rabbit Wants A Cuddle?

When a rabbit wants to be cuddled, you can tell it. Older rabbits that have lived their entire lives with people are more likely to experience this. They are aware that hugs are comforting and may involve treats. They will be more inclined to ask you for hugs as a result.

A bunny will frequently jump into your lap when it wants to be petted. Bunnies that are allowed to roam freely may even leap up onto furniture to seek your attention.

Similar to how a cat might, a snug rabbit may lean into your hand. They might even flop down across your legs or lean on you while they glare at you.

This crucial body language lets you know how much your bunny enjoys your company. Feel free to pet that rabbit.

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