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Are Cockatiels Good Pets For Beginners?


The cost of buying a cockatiel might vary significantly based on your location, the time of year you buy one (consider breeding season), and if you prefer to buy a young bird or an older one.

Since young cockatiels are thought to be simpler to train, tame, and adapt to new environments, they are frequently preferred over older birds. Many people decide on a young bird so that they can develop with the family as they age.


What characteristics are you seeking in a bird? Perhaps you’d prefer a bird that can communicate and enjoys singing? Then turn your attention to the lowly cockatiel. The greatest way to treat cockatiels is like your best buddy.

Cockatiels are non-hierarchical creatures and won’t attempt to rule you like a dog or cat might. They will provide hours of delight and laughter as they parade around singing, talking, and dancing, keeping you and your family amused.


In general, parrots live a long time, and the larger the parrot, the longer it will likely live. Cockatiels typically live between ten (10) and fourteen (14) years in the wild. Cockatiels live from sixteen (16) to twenty-five (25) years if they are adequately cared for, kept in a household atmosphere that welcomes pets, and have good health. Thirty-six (36) years is the maximum confirmed lifespan of a pet cockatiel that has been documented.


Without a doubt, cockatiels require little upkeep if kept in environments that allow them to not only live, but also thrive. A cockatiel needs specific elements to sustain their high level of health and mental well-being. In terms of veterinarian or other charges, maintenance is fairly minimal if you provide them all they require.

We must first understand that a cage is not a cockatiel’s natural environment as a pet owner. They require a secure location to fly. They require a spacious cage so they may expand their wings and be able to fly in an uninhibited “open house” without worrying about being threatened by other pets or ceiling fans.

If you can believe it, there are bird harnesses.

Launches a new tab. Specially designed to permit outside flight without the concern of your pet cockatiel escaping and taking off into the distance, never to be seen again.

Make the choice of who in the household will be in charge of the cockatiel up front. Who will be in charge of consistently giving the animals healthy food, a clean cage, fresh water, and happiness?

Even when we are surrounded by people, the world can occasionally feel lonely for many of us. I can speak from personal experience when I say that keeping a cockatiel as a pet can have a profoundly good impact on your life if you occasionally battle with loneliness or a lack of companionship. Not just in your private times, but also as a chance to engage with others in the neighborhood.

There are numerous ways to get in touch with people who share your love of cockatiels, both online and offline. As you share amazing moments and hilarious acts with the world, you will quickly make new friends and connections if you want to reach out to people and share experiences. Who’s into Instagram?

And finally, if you treat a cockatiel with love, care, and respect, it will fall in love with you. I can promise you that cockatiels may and will get violent if they are mistreated. Therefore, think about the commitment required before getting a cockatiel or any other kind of pet. Your cockatiel will form a lifelong friendship with you if they are not mistreated or ignored.

Do cockatiels make an excellent first pet bird?

Yes! Because they are simple to care for and need little upkeep, cockatiels make excellent first pets. They are witty, sociable, cordial, and loving. They are eager to please and like conversation and attention. Additionally, they are very interested and playful. Owners of cockatiels claim that their bird enjoys playing games like peekaboo, hide & seek, and tug of war. Along with watching television together, they also like to play music and have fun.

What bird makes the friendliest pet?

Cockatiels are indeed simple to train. All you have to do is keep them content and healthy. Make sure they have ample room to play and move around, as well as a lot of toys and goodies. A clean environment and access to fresh water should be guaranteed. When they are young, keep an eye on them and make sure they are nourished appropriately. It’s critical to feed them a high-quality food.

Can I maintain a cockatiel by itself?

One of the simplest birds to keep is a parakeet. They don’t take up a lot of room and are simple to feed. Simply make sure they have enough toys and perches to keep themselves entertained.


Both novice bird enthusiasts and seasoned bird lovers would enjoy keeping cockatiels as pets. Intelligent and expressive, cockatiels. However, cockatiels flourish with a lot of activity and company, just like all birds do. With the right care, cockatiels can survive for 20 to 25 years or longer.

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